“No Smoke and Mirrors”


Welcome to Glenwood Merinos! We are a progressive and innovative Merino Stud offering elite SRS® Genetics with integrity to match. Our clients’s success is our number one priority at Glenwood which is why we adhere to strict Code of Ethics, do not show feed and sell straight out of the paddock.

Glenwood Merinos was one of the early adopters of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) to select for key economic traits and achieve rapid genetic gain for our clients. Results on the ground are proving that a balanced approach to breeding Merinos using ASBVs and the SRS® Breeding System can produce a fast growing, low maintenance, highly fertile animal without sacrificing fleece weight.

We have not mulesed any animals at Glenwood since 2005 and strongly believe that a genetic solution using SRS® Genetics is the only long-term solution to meet consumer demands for products that are natural, ethical and sustainable.

As fifth generation woolgrowers,(fourth on Glenwood) we are very passionate about the Australian industry and see huge potential for our fibre into the future. We are committed to the promotion of SRS® Merino right across the supply chain for its superior processing qualities and sought after credentials. We are constantly looking to increase the profitability of our clients’ enterprises through research & development, education and innovative marketing strategies for their fibre and meat.

Let us help you ‘Redesign your Merino Enterprise for Sustainable Profitability’